Why Meditate?

Most of us are aware of a part of ourselves beyond everyday existence. We feel that something larger is there, although it can remain amorphous and nondescript.

Sometimes we see it in our dreams, or we have memories from childhood which are outside our current adult experiences. At times we see it when those we love are near to death. Or perhaps we know it more through time spent in nature. For some it is found in extreme experiences – the birth of our child or the rawness of great personal loss.

Whatever touchstones we have for these mysterious and miraculous parts of ourselves, what matters is that we have a sense, a thread, to that part which is transcendent.

Often times these experiences come unexpected and unbidden. A rare and precious gift with inexplicable timing. For years I wondered how these moments could become less rare – consciously attainable.

I was well into adulthood (my 40s) before I began a sustainable meditation practice. But once I did, this is where I found ready access to these parts of myself for which I had spent decades yearning.

And I found daily benefits as well – greater equanimity, a welcome groundedness, more joy.

In quieting the everyday chatter, we find magnificence hiding in the stillness.

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