Space Clearing

Client Altars

“Linda, you have a distinct knowingness that compelled me to chose you to space clear my home. I felt heard by you on every level so that when you performed the ceremony, my highest aspirations were set in the space. My home now supports me in this important phase of my life, for which I have you to thank.” -AMW, Graphic Designer, New York

From a purely practical viewpoint, Space Clearing removes stagnant energies from homes and offices. The result is increased energy and insight for those who live and work in them. The ceremony removes long standing blockages, reawakens joys and reveals new passions.

But the true magic of Space Clearing is all about bringing Spirit into matter. It presences a space with higher forces – making the space sacred in a conscious way and infusing the walls with the person’s vision for their life.

Homes become places of sanctuary, careers improve and family lives deepen. Clients discover clarity and purpose, allowing unrewarding situations to dissolve and fulfilling life circumstances to emerge.

Whether one feels stalled, stuck or simply hungry for more aliveness, Space Clearing creates rejuvenating and penetrating changes.