Good Space, or Sacred Space?

For the past couple of years I have taught meditation weekends in Portland, Oregon. The first two years the course was held in a very nice rented venue. The facility was really quite lovely. However, the energetics of the room reflected the eclectic energy of public places, including the residue left behind from the release that happens for students in yoga classes and other events held there.

This year, the course was taught in the meditation room of the house where I live whenever I am in Portland. The room is dedicated exclusively for meditation and related practices. I started working on the space in the days leading up to the workshop. This enabled me to build a rich space, which became deeper and more refined each time I worked on it.

The result was phenomenal. The room was teaming with spiritual presence when the students walked in the first morning. It was much less work for me to hold a high level for the course, as the energy of the room matched exactly what I was doing.

As clients came for sessions in the following days, they often commented on the tangible difference in the energetic qualities of the room. They noticed how the “feel” of the room had changed over the few weeks I had been working on it.

A good space is important, a sacred space is a blessing.

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