Creating Sacred Space

As a Space Clearer, creating sacred space is a focused topic of interest in my life. The more I do space clearings for clients, the more I notice the subtle ways clients create sacred space for themselves in their homes.

I was recently in Seattle and British Columbia for space clearings and to visit friends. One clearing was for a client who had moved into her home about five weeks before. As soon as I walked into her bedroom it was clear – this is where she meditates! The energetics of that room were very refined, high and clear.  Through her meditation and other spiritual practices, she was landing a very sacred and precious space for herself.

On my way back to Portland, I stopped to visit a friend who has decades of experience as a serious meditator. When he showed me his meditation room it felt like a temple with an atmosphere of awe. I had the immediate feeling of being connected to something much larger than my ordinary mental consciousness. The room was filled with a strong spiritual presence – a relationship he has cultivated with the sacred through his years of practices.

Refined energies in our homes do not have to be limited to the space in which we meditate or pray. It is the attitude with which we live our lives that connects us to something beyond the everyday. I have been in kitchens where the cook’s love, fullness and the feelings that are put into their food shines throughout the room. Upon entering, you feel embraced and nurtured because of the atmosphere generated by the cook – even when the cook is not in the room!

How we live and spend time in our homes has a lot to do with the quality of the energetics in which we live. Places treated as sacred, beyond the normal level of consciousness, become sacred places. The great beauty is that we feel better in places that are treated as sacred. It puts us in touch with more cosmic parts of ourselves.

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