What Painting Does to a Space

As a space clearer, I learn a lot when I clear a home. Not just about the person’s home, but about space in general. These threads of vision string together to form a body of knowledge and sometimes make an elucidating story.

Two such space clearings stand out related to paint. Yes, wall paint.

The first was a new home a client had recently moved into – perhaps 2 months before I was there. As I sensed the energy around his home, there were “memories” of the previous owners, but his family was foremost in the energetics of the home. Until I got to the garage.

As soon as I set foot in the garage I was barraged with imprints of the previous owners. His children’s toys were there, his car and all the typical items of a well-used garage. It was a finished garage – wallboard on the walls rather than bare wood framing. It was an entirely different space. I was baffled for a minute to two, and then it occurred to me. He had painted all the rooms, except the garage!

Another client had lived in her home for about twenty years. She had re-done much of her home, with the exception of one portion of her basement. Again, although her presence was strong there (after all she had lived there for a couple of decades) I was again hit with a clear knowing of previous occupants and the activities in the home before she purchased it.

Of course, this was the one area she had not re-done yet, and still had the old paint on the walls. (Fair enough, it was the basement!)

Over the next year she made several changes in her home, including re-doing this one part of the basement. And when I space cleared the following year – it was clear she had now completely presenced this portion of her basement.

This neutrality in a space that comes from freshly painted walls is something I see consistently in my client’s homes. I knew from the time I first started having my own homes that painting made them more mine. Seen from the perspective of space clearing, the difference between rooms painted by the current owners and walls they have not painted is a far stronger effect than I realized.

Substances which are applied wet and then dry tend to be very imprintable. My dear friend Yohanna Jessup, owner of Painting Sacred Spaces, has written an article about this very topic. You can read it athttp://www.paintmuseblog.com/?p=452
“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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