Inner Space Techniques

“I initially was skeptical about IST. But the work is so tangible, and results so dramatic that it won me over after a few sessions. It’s alchemical, and Linda’s mastery as a practitioner helped me access states of being that I couldn’t have imagined before. It’s been healing, liberating and enlivening.” KH, Business Consultant, Portland, Ore.

Inner Space Techniques are a profound and gentle method of self-exploration. It weaves together the therapeutic and metaphysical dimensions for a deeply transformational process. IST sessions last 45 to 75 minutes, and take clients to the underlying source of issues in their life, far below surface matters.The result is lasting change rather than temporary relief. Clients often discover completely new aspects of themselves. They explore vast spaces of consciousness previously inaccessible.

IST is the ideal therapy for people who long to know themselves at the deepest levels.

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“You don’t change by solving your problems, you solve your problems by changing.” Samuel Sagan MD, author and founder of IST